Novel 1, Day 33: NaNoWriMo Sprints Are The Only Kind Of Sprints For Me

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It’s day two of NaNoWriMo and I spent my time in a Writer’s Trench sprint-athon. I still haven’t hit 5,000 words in a day yet, but it’s the weekend everybody, so calm down, just calm TF down! I tapped out four chapters today; not the five that I pronounced I’d accomplish yesterday for today when today looked so far off and full of potential. Alas, four chapters in a day is still pretty fuckin’ stellar. Today was a blast of a writing day! I wrote about bitch-slapping the President of the United States (not the current one…ish), about an army of children escaping from the underground confines of the White House, about two spies getting caught by their prey, and about a conspiracy theorist writer who needs to stop listening to her boyfriend’s erratic “hot tips” lest she spend another weekend trolling the sewers of D.C. I was averaging around 1,500 words per chapter until chapter three came around, then …

IT’S BRILLIANT: How To Choose And Build Upon A Great Story Concept In Three Simple Steps

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Writing a novel takes a lot of work, anywhere from one month (if luck will out) to a year or more, so it’s no wonder writers are often left wondering if the concept they have in mind is even worth their time. Been there, harassed myself over that! From now on, I want an easy way to know for sure, after one day’s worth of work, whether or not my concept is worth pursuing, and so I’ve created the BRILLIANT strategy: three steps to deciding whether or not my crazy story concepts are worth my time.

My Easy-Peasy Guide To Crafting Epic Plot Twists Like A MF Wizard

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There’s nothing worse than finishing your first novel and finding out from your beta readers that the entire plot is predictable AF. It almost feels like there’s no coming back from that. Like, the amount of work it would take to recreate your plot into a sensational piece of work would be an unbearable misery you couldn’t possibly endure.