Novel #1, Day #1: The Game Plan To End All Game Plans

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Despite my better judgment, I’ve decided there’s no other option forward: I must complete, AND PUBLISH, a novel in the next two weeks… Why? Because I’ve been stunted by my own lack of self-confidence for far too long and I’ve decided that, to overcome this crisis of destiny, I must deploy extreme measures: MAXIMUM EFFORT + EXPOSURE THERAPY = FEAR MASTEREDHow is this even possible? So glad you asked, let me tell you… Today, I chose the storyline I’ll finish and the characters I’ll develop, and then started writing a master draft. Now the master draft is gonna be huge on its own, something roughly like 40,000 words. It’ll be irksome and crotchety, very much as abrasive as Scrooge himself. But from this pile of rubbish, which should be completed by no later than Wednesday, I should be able to pull out all of my inevitable chapters and begin fleshing out the major storyline. By Friday of this week, I hope …

IT’S BRILLIANT: How To Choose And Build Upon A Great Story Concept In Three Simple Steps

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Writing a novel takes a lot of work, anywhere from one month (if luck will out) to a year or more, so it’s no wonder writers are often left wondering if the concept they have in mind is even worth their time. Been there, harassed myself over that! From now on, I want an easy way to know for sure, after one day’s worth of work, whether or not my concept is worth pursuing, and so I’ve created the BRILLIANT strategy: three steps to deciding whether or not my crazy story concepts are worth my time.

My Easy-Peasy Guide To Crafting Epic Plot Twists Like A MF Wizard

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There’s nothing worse than finishing your first novel and finding out from your beta readers that the entire plot is predictable AF. It almost feels like there’s no coming back from that. Like, the amount of work it would take to recreate your plot into a sensational piece of work would be an unbearable misery you couldn’t possibly endure.