DAY 39: Stop Being A Demandy Dan & Let Your WIP Run The Show (The 30-Day Respect The Process Challenge)

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I have an unusual habit of telling my WIP, my main characters, EVEN MYSELF, exactly how my novel should play out, regardless of if anything feels off, sounds weird, doesn’t jive, or otherwise sucks all the mayonnaise. And this habit of mine, well, it’s made it so I just finished a first draft for my second novel…but it’s an absolute nightmare of a first draft that ought’ve been stopped for the sake of my own sanity instead of followed through like a deranged raccoon seeking out all the trash treats.

DAY 17: One Week Later It Hits Me…These Aren’t The ****Ing Trench’s, I’m Still Crawling Through The Dunes!

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And here I thought I was getting somewhere! Here I thought I’d made it through the Dunes without delay! Turns out, a rough draft the likes of which I’m trying to create is still very much a process of development and outlining. Alas, I was merely in a dip between the Dunes; an ebb and flow of the development topography, if you will.

DAY 16: Rollin’ With The Homies (a.k.a. Character Development Victories)

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When I first started writing novels, I wasn’t sure how to get to know my characters; in fact, I didn’t even bother. I would just start writing and see what interesting information fell out of the woodwork. But then I learned about character interviews and how beneficial it is to know all of your character’s nitty, gritty details when it comes to writing them full-bodied…

DAY 3: Obliterating Writer’s Block Like A Rampaging Wonder Woman

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When I wrote my first novel last year, I loved the idea of being so inspired, so motivated, so ensnared by my story that I could just pants my way through the whole thing without having to do any prerequisite development and create a story that would proudly get me awarded a publishing contract on my first go around. This time, I’m calling shenanigans.