Day 250: We Fall Off Horses Because What We’re Doing Is Ultimately Nuts

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Writing fiction novels for a living out of thin air is ridiculous, much like galloping through a field atop what’s essentially an over-sized dog with no natural desire to take you anywhere just because you said you’d like to go and go now. It’s absurd I tell you! Crazy, even! Like, how flight travel is even a thing, crazy. Like, the length of time it took to get the world to precisely where it is today, crazy. Like, how do our bodies being mostly water even make any sense, crazy! And yet, galloping horses through fields I do; quit my job to write fiction novels for the rest of my days, I feel compelled. So, how do I feel about having fallen off of my metaphorical Noveldom steed in 2018? Egotistically bruised, but otherwise feeling quite chipper!

Day 157: There Are Flings & There Are Lovers (Know Which One You’re Playing With Before You Get Burned)

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What I didn’t realize, was that I was playing with a serious lover. Every twist and turn of my mind moved like a chainsaw through a box of chocolates, unintentionally ripping through my creation as if it were nothing. It took me 157 days to see it, but now I understand: this is no mere fling I’m playing with…

DAY 65: Maintaining A Consistent Writing Schedule With Friends In Town Is A Lot Like Turning Down Dessert At A Wedding…Is That Even A Thing?

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What. The. SHIT!? My friend showed up at our place on June 12th for an extended visit (a visit I was privy to and thought I’d be able to work through) and ever since then I’ve struggled to write consistently for Snowe Storms, this blog, my social media accounts…et al. It’s day 65 and I’m still only six chapters into my second draft. With a 90-day schedule looming over me, I’m beginning to wonder: have I bit off more than I can chew?

DAY 56: What It’s Like To Fly Atop The World After A Two Week, Post-1st Draft Break From Writing

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So there I was, staring down an empty document, wondering how my mind would take off into the distance when, suddenly, it dawned on me. YEESSSSS, I murmured into the darkness of 6AM as my fingertips danced across my backlit keyboard, fashioning words into sentences as fast as my mind could deliver. Come to me, precious! Tell me all your tales!

DAY 39: Stop Being A Demandy Dan & Let Your WIP Run The Show (The 30-Day Respect The Process Challenge)

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I have an unusual habit of telling my WIP, my main characters, EVEN MYSELF, exactly how my novel should play out, regardless of if anything feels off, sounds weird, doesn’t jive, or otherwise sucks all the mayonnaise. And this habit of mine, well, it’s made it so I just finished a first draft for my second novel…but it’s an absolute nightmare of a first draft that ought’ve been stopped for the sake of my own sanity instead of followed through like a deranged raccoon seeking out all the trash treats.

DAY 36: I Took The Red Pill & Things Were Going Well…Until I Started Feeling Chased By Rogue Storylines (a.k.a Tales Down The Rabbit Hole)

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Dames and dudes, I’m gonna be real up front about this: I’ve got an addiction to perfectionism. And as I made my way past chapter twenty today, I realized it was either going to slow down my progress on finishing this first draft (REFUSE!) or I was going to have to find a way to tame that strange until it could serve a legitimate purpose in the future.

DAY 31: Turns Out, Writing A Novel Is A Lot Like Having A Period – No Matter How Much You Plan, Or How Familiar You May Be, It’s Gonna Get Messy (a.k.a. My Month One Progress Report)

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Month one of writing my second novel, Snowe Storms, went much the way a menstrual cycle typically does, and by that I mean, it did not go according to plan. In fact, the more I think about it, so much of May was relatable to a whack-ass period, it was eerie. Gory to look at? Check. Late on deadlines? Check. Uncomfortable and, at times, painful? Check, check.

That Moment When You Realize T’was The Scenery That Messed You Up All Along!

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I’ve been pretty up front about it: I’ve been in a writing funk for the better part of three weeks now. Outline done, rough draft under way, I suddenly found myself stuck after chapter ten. Chapter ten! My novel is resting at thirty chapters in my outline, so getting thrown off my tracks in chapter ten was not a good sign. And while I had lightly worked my way through my slump over the last week or so, I still wasn’t running at full capacity.

DAY 7: I’m Not Crazy, You’re Crazy; My Characters Are Totes Normal

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This happens every time I begin to write one of my fiction concepts: a pestering voice, ever so quiet at first, grows stronger and harsher as I let my fictional characters run rampant in my first draft. “You’re crazy,” it sneers. “In fact, you may even need clinical attention; these ideas, these characters, are that bizarre.” “SHUT UP, YOU,” I scream aloud into my still sleepy, lonely office. “I’m not crazy, you are!” Ahhh. The all too classic feelings of idiocy that fiction writing often lugs to the table.