Day 157: There Are Flings & There Are Lovers (Know Which One You’re Playing With Before You Get Burned)

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Recognizing this truth has greatly shaped how I view my writing as I move forward from missing my deadline by a whopping 91 days.

What I didn’t realize as I got started on this WIP, was that it wasn’t a simple fling of my imagination.

On the contrary, this concept is a deep-rooted lover nestling snug within the core of my very being.

You know you’re working with a lover by the way you’re emotionally affected with everything that is or isn’t done

I naivelly thought Snowe Storms was a silly little fling of my imagination, me just going on a creative romp through a murderous daydream.

I had no idea how invested I was in every crevice of my story until I got halfway through the thing and hit a wall harder than a test vehicle in the Chevrolet laboratories.

Is this good enough?
Should she do that?
Why can’t she do this instead?
Wouldn’t X make more sense than Y?
How TF did Rowling settle on Harry being an orphan raised by shitty relatives when he could’ve been an orphaned raised by NO relatives in a goddamned orphanage?!?!

All of this second-guessery leads me to suspect that this novel means more to me than previously perceived.

Flings can be slapdash where lovers need consideration

Ok, so I’ve got a legitimate lover on my hands. Which means treating it like a careless fling isn’t going to get me anywhere good.

Instead, I need to treat every decision I make about this novel, from here on out, with the consideration I would a major life choice: with precise intent.

Fortunately for me, novelists can humor both a fling and a romance at the same time without having to fear the two becoming aware of one another.

Unfortunately for me, I spent 157 days treating my novel like the fling it most certainly is not.

*SIGH* Bummer.

There’s only one thing left to do…

Do the right thing, novelist: surround yourself with love

I’ve been told to work on one project at a time.

But I’ve been told a lot of shitty advice over the years.

One project at a time is for other folks. The kind of folks who feel like that’s all they can handle.


I’ve got so much love to give I think I’d be better off having a fling and a lover at the same time…novelistically speaking, that is.

Snowe Storms is my committed muse, my ride or die, but Dashing Extreme Danger, the first novel I wrote back in 2017, is the light-hearted piece of slapdash I need to fumble around with as I learn how to better love my muse.

I did what I said I wouldn’t: I took biased advice and ignored my own instincts. Now, I’ve got a tattered lover who needs some serious TLC.

And the worst part is: I knew better! As I’m sure you probably do too if you’re in the same boat as me.

I know I’m the kind of artist that needs more than one project in the works at any given time. I need options, avenues for expression unlimited by boundaries created for the sake of any one storyline.

I need a plaything and a job thing, an experiment and a serious endeavor. A fling that I don’t mind losing touch with and a lover whom I tenderly adore for the rest of time.

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