Day 250: We Fall Off Horses Because What We’re Doing Is Ultimately Nuts

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I thought about removing all of the content from the past 250 days as if it had never happened.

I thought about taking it down and starting fresh. After all, no one actively reads this blog as I type this…what harm would it do?

I thought about saving myself with an excuse about time and patience and the holiday season and a vacation to France.

But of course, none of that would be transparent and darn it all if I didn’t promise to be forthcoming about my adventure through Noveldom, success, hiccups, stallings and face-planting failures alike.

Fear. It’s One Helluva Drug.

And that’s all this boils down to, a state of fear.

In 2018, it came in a variety of forms:

Fear of not being good enough,
Fear of being too much.

Fear of looking foolish,
Fear of doing exactly what I want.

Fear of making a wrong move,
Fear of making all the right ones.

Fear of wasting my time,
Fear of enjoying none.

But this past year wasn’t a total waste, despite not hitting the goals I had in place for myself!

Instead, I made some strategic shifts that ought to help readjust my perspective on this whole Noveldom excursion.

Pivoting Into Awesomeness Is One Of My Secret Superpowers…Shhhh

I’ve not come anywhere close to giving up on this new career goal of mine.

On the contrary. I spent the remainder of 2018 shifting into new routines that I hope bring out my best.

These posts, for example, are no longer focused on Novel #2.

Instead, they’ll focus on my ENTIRE adventure in Noveldom, which, DRUMROLL PLEASE….

Means anyone who is reading this blog will get to read about not just one book, but ALL of the books I work on regularly.

I’ve got a children’s book, I’ve got a bloodthirsty novel, I’ve got a screenplay, I’ve got a non-fiction, I’ve got a satirical tv show about gangster teddy bears!

Instead of limiting myself for the sake of YOUR success (you, the reader, whom I was hoping to enlighten on how to write a novel in 30 days, but now realize I need to get my own routine on lock BEFORE I strive to help any of you lot), I’m now opening myself up to show you my entire process, every scroungable drop of it.

Dreams Are Like Fairies: Every Time You Stop Believing In One, It Dies

Writing a novel, much less several, for the sake of a new career trajectory is NUTS.

Why not become a surgeon, Tiffany?!
At least you’ll make more money from it, yea?!

And you would not be wrong, shit-talking brain of mine!

However, this career has become a dream; rather, it always was a dream, but one I never gave much weight too.

And now that I have, now that I’ve seen glimpses of it glittering off in the distance, I only have two options: keep persevering until I reach my dream head-on, or give up on it with the hopes that maybe I’ll come back to it sometime in the future.

Obviously the latter option isn’t very Batman and if you know anything about me by now it’s that I’m 110% Batman, so clearly I’m not giving up on my fairy dream of writing fun novels for a living.

So What’s In Store For 2019?!



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