DAY 26: Saving My Rough Draft So Good Even Batman Would Call Me A Hero

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It’s official! I’m in the thick of the Writer’s Trench, throwing down my first draft!

A few days ago, I realized I needed to get out of my own head and just do the damn thing. But, if you recall, I still couldn’t get the juices flowing.

So on DAY 23, I randomly decided to move my office space around and BAM…flood gates opened.

Now that I’m staring off into a beautiful tropical tree that sees hummingbirds, parrots, and butterflies constantly, I feel more inspired than ever!


Chapters Completed
10 Chapters
Running Word Count
17,827 Words
Happiness Meter

Something clicked once I switched up my office so I can stare out at beautiful scenery when I write, and now, I’m on a fucking roll!

For the first time all month, I love the sentences, paragraphs, dialogue, exposition, EVERYTHING, that I’m writing!

For the first time all month, I feel like I know exactly what to do next and feel inspired to do so!

For the first time all month, I’ve hit a state of conscious flow!

So what’s up with the rough draft that I decided to scrap this week?

I’ve salvaged it, biiiiiiiiiiitch!

It was horribly written (in 3rd person, present tense…?!), exposing massive plot holes AND secrets simultaneously (not an easy feat), and only ten chapters deep before I decided to throw in the towel.

But as I sat down to start my first draft, after realizing I had everything I needed in my outline and character briefs, I switched over to my rough draft occasionally to see if it held anything of value.

And wouldn’t you know, it did!

Somehow, I was able to salvage all ten chapters of that rough draft! Even though I only edited and re-wrote up to chapter five yesterday, I’ve gotten through all ten chapters today without any difficulty.

I re-read all of my rough draft (barf…that wasn’t easy) and saw where I could reuse some quality concepts that had been poorly orchestrated the first time through.

Even when we think we’re wasting our time creating a piece of crap, sometimes all you need to do is toss that crap around to realize it’s not crap at all… just a sweltering, sugary-sweet Tootsie Roll that someone left on the sidewalk and its perfectly fine to use if you brush off the dirt and give it a good polish against your shirt!

It’s easy to read your shitty, slapdash writing and think, “Boy, howdy! I couldn’t write a decent sentence if my dog’s life depended on it!”

And that would be wrong.

You CAN write all the decent sentences! You just need to find your groove again, and, when you do, you’ll most likely discover that your previous work wasn’t that bad…it just wasn’t that great either.

But promise me you’ll give that turd a good polish before you start pulling your own hair out in frustration, deleting all the work you’ve just done and calling your novel dumber than lead pencils.

Tell me about your latest hiccup and how you saved the day like a super-rich, otherwise useless, superhero!

Share you experience in the comments below so I can feel validated knowing that I’m not the only one throwing my work into the wind in a fit of rage only to realize that I’ve just let go of gold!

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