DAY 56: What It’s Like To Fly Atop The World After A Two Week, Post-1st Draft Break From Writing

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So there I was, staring down an empty document, wondering how my mind would take off into the distance when, suddenly, it dawned on me.

YEESSSSS, I murmured into the darkness of 6AM as my fingertips danced across my backlit keyboard, fashioning words into sentences as fast as my mind could deliver.

Come to me, precious! Tell me all your tales!

Before I knew what hit me, an hour soared by. My fingers never left the keyboard, my mind raced feverishly through the clouds of my creativity, compiling, compiling, ever compiling.

By the time breakfast rolled around two hours later, I sat back in my chair, took a gander at my efforts, and, lo and behold, found my jaw drop in a dumbfounded gawk, genuine guffaws escaping the depths of my throat as I read through my work. For the first time in almost two months, a realization that I could actually do this for a career dawned on my consciousness.

It feels like I’ve found my soulmate…in the form of a novel…that I created… .. . … .. ..DON’T JUDGE ME!

After finishing my first draft, I did something I never EVER do…I took a vacation.

Not by choice, mind you! A good friend from out of town came down for a visit and I couldn’t resist. She’s still here, by the way, as I write this post. And the moment she arrived, I felt obliged to set my work aside and focus on happiness and fun times.

No regrets!

However, this morning I arose to the realization that it had been TWO WEEKS since I looked at my WIP.


That’s unheard of for me.

So this morning, mostly due to my two-week epiphany, something shifted inside of me to make it possible for me to swiftly, easily and enthusiastically write two chapters for the second draft of WIP #2.

Thus, the second draft for Snowe Storms is underway. And I couldn’t be happier with how the first day turned out!

I flew like the wind howls over a stormy sea: ruthless & determined, unimpeded by even the strongest of obstacles

I expected to struggle through my second draft, mostly because, throughout the first, I struggled to remind myself that my story is a worthy concept.

However, as I sat down to write the second draft of my first chapter, I quickly saw how fun and intriguing Snowe Storms actually is. And as I made my way blindly through the rewrite, not allowing myself to look at what I’d previously created, I soon noticed how natural the story flowed out of me.

It was funny, witty, collected, and smooth, nary a word out of place.

It seemed that, despite how horrendous my first draft come out, it had helped me formulate a story in full that I could now breathe a stronger flame into.

Bottom line: even if it is a longer break than you anticipated, taking a break from your freshly-made WIP is wildly useful for coming back focused in round two

I didn’t plan to take such a long vacation.

In fact, it was so obvious and unplanned that one of my Instagram followers even noticed my absence and commented! Fair enough, friend, as it was an inconsiderate move on my part. I simply got caught up in the fun of a visiting, lifelong friend.

But as the fun played out, I had a voice in my head throwing guilt in my face for choosing to take time off from my WIP.

That voice?

That little fucker who thought he knew what’s what (because yea, the little fucker in my head is typically a man accusing me of being worthless), turned out to be dead wrong.

Had I listened to that voice, I would’ve forced myself to write when I wasn’t in the mood, inevitably creating something out of sync with my own interests.

My vacation didn’t ruin my WIP and it didn’t make me lose my edge.

My vacation saved this WIP from being tossed to the side for a few months in an act of childish rage.

My vacation saved me from pulling out my hair in confusion of whether or not this was even worth my time.

My vacation gave me the space to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing and why I’m committed to getting this WIP done. Because I love it. PERIOD.

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Jean Lee

Lovely thoughts! I wish my own schedule allowed such breaks, but at least I have multiple projects so I can shift the creativity lest it fall into a nasty rut. Thanks for sharing!
(oh, and that map you have on your Twitter profile page is AWESOME!)

T.N. Williams

Thank you, Jean! I freaking love that map too šŸ˜€ Ya know, I have multiple projects as well…perhaps I should take a stab at jumping around a bit. I’m trying to stay focused on the one story for now, but I’m not sure that that’s doing me any favors, lol. I just finished another post about what’s been setting me back this last week and, in that regard, jumping around to different stories would certainly help revive my creative juices!