The Supreme NaNoWriMo Survival Kit: 54 Goodies That I’m Keeping Stocked This NaNoWriMo Season

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NaNoWriMo season is underway and I couldn’t be more prepared if I lived in a friggin’ Barnes & Noble!

This year, I’ve got my kitchen stocked to the ceiling with delicious and healthy snacks, treats, and drinks; I’ve got my motivational accouterments scattered about my office; and I’ve got every app, song, and inspirational piece of work I’ll need to keep myself strung out on word juice for the next thirty days.

If you’re looking to feel as prepared as me – and to kick ass at NaNo like also me – then take a gander at my NaNoWriMo Surival Kit and get yourself properly prepped.

Must Have Equipment

First up: writing equipment. Prep work means nothing if you forget to bring your pen/pencil/laptop to the party. And since my neighborhood is surrounded by roosters, my prep work means nothing without a quality set of noise-canceling headphones, *ahem* thing 1 on the list:

  • Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

  • Scrivener

  • My Favorite Mugs

  • My Rocketbook Notebooks

  • Frixon Pens (for Rocketbooks)

  • Paper-Based Bullet Journal (for habit tracking)


  • Macbook Pro

  • Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

  • Adjustable Laptop Stand

  • Office Desk Yoga Ball

  • Standing Desk

  • White Board For Motivational Quotes

  • Nag Champa Incense

  • Fleece Slippers

  • Wireless Mini Speaker (for office cafe vibes)

  • Mini Post-It's

Must Have Food Stuffs

Next up: sustenance. Writing this much can be taxing. It can also make you forget about tax and keep writing throughout the day with nary a single break. Give yourself the healthy love you need with my favorite, must-have NaNoWriMo food stuffs:

  • Lemons (I love me some lemon water!)

  • Loads Of Water

  • Caramel Macchiato Ingredients (for treat time)

  • Pre-Chopped Veggies (for snacks)

  • Chips & Salsa (because also, snacks)

  • Chickpeas (pre-soaked for easy falafel making)

  • Chocolate (for more treat time)

  • Fresh Fruit (peaches, plums & oranges)

  • Stevia (to avoid sugar crashes)

  • Overnight Oats & Berries

  • Homemade Cookies

Must Have APP’s

From maintaining a writing flow to sharing my work, learning from past NaNo champions to getting in the zone, I’ve found that having the right apps significantly increases my chances of writing success. Here’s what I use:

  • Pomodoro

  • Macbook Notes

  • YouTube (for playlists)

  • iPhone Timer App (for free-flow sprint tracking)

  • Twitter (for support)

  • Instagram (for sharing)

  • Marvin Ebook Reader (for iPad)

  • Pinterest (for vision boarding)

  • Reddit (for research & fun)

  • Asana (for task organization)

Must Have Inspirational Goods

Finally, what NaNoWriMo Survival Kit would be complete without some inspiration? Take a look at what I keep near me to load up on inspiration when I’m feeling blerg:

  • Binaural Beats (YouTube playlist)

  • Midnight In Paris (for Hemingway's gumption)

  • Harry Potter movies (to feel the magic)

  • Dolemite (for the commited hustle)

  • Affirmation Journal

  • Vision Board (on Pinterest)

  • Julie & Julia (for Julia's tenacity)

  • Marijuana (for lackluster writing days)

  • Vodka Limeade's (see above)

  • Tarot Cards

  • MasterClass: Neil Gaiman

  • MasterClass: Margaret Atwood

  • Pictures Of Oprah (always and forever)

  • A Good View

  • Daily Beach/Nature Outings

  • New Fiction Books

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