Novel #1, Day #1: The Game Plan To End All Game Plans

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Despite my better judgment, I've decided there's no other option forward: I must complete, AND PUBLISH, a novel in the next two weeks...


Because I've been stunted by my own lack of self-confidence for far too long and I've decided that, to overcome this crisis of destiny, I must deploy extreme measures: MAXIMUM EFFORT + EXPOSURE THERAPY = FEAR MASTERED

How is this even possible?

So glad you asked, let me tell you...

Today, I chose the storyline I'll finish and the characters I'll develop, and then started writing a master draft.

Now the master draft is gonna be huge on its own, something roughly like 40,000 words. It'll be irksome and crotchety, very much as abrasive as Scrooge himself. But from this pile of rubbish, which should be completed by no later than Wednesday, I should be able to pull out all of my inevitable chapters and begin fleshing out the major storyline.

By Friday of this week, I hope to have a full draft completed.

Since this story is entirely fictional and based in a world I created years ago when I first began writing novels, my job should be easy enough when it comes to creating plot, character arcs, and fairytale creatures you've never heard of before.

That being said, this kind of work tends to burn my brain out since it's not real...writing something like this blog post is a helluva lot easier than creating a scene based in a fictional world you've never physically seen.

BUT if all goes well, I'll have the weekend to reread my work, begin designing a cover for the finished product, and finalize the map graphic that I'll be using.

Then next week, I'll spend all of my time editing various parts of the book until I'm finally ready to have a beta or two read what I've created.

How many edits will the book get before it's published?

Ideally, this book will get a full three edits. One this coming weekend when the first draft is done, one during the following week as I prepare for beta readers, and a final edit by the end of next week after I've heard back from my betas.

If all goes well, this book should be Amazon ready by June 1st!

If all goes well...muahahahahaha!

Is this going to be a book worth reading?

Absolutely! The fact that it'll be written speedily has nothing to do with whether or not it'll be a worthy read.

Granted, a lot of the messaging we're fed nowadays encourages writers to make take their time, make a billion edits, and to consider their work unworthy until it's seen a professional editors desktop. 

BUT, that kind of thinking is what's kept me on the sidelines for a full FOUR YEARS!

I've got a nasty habit of feeding into perfectionism, and for me, the best way forward is to force myself not to take this too seriously.

After all, this isn't going to be my biggest masterpiece! This is just a fun book for me to get my feet wet with self publishing my own work. The point of this exercise, which I encourage anyone to do if they've struggled with perfectionism, is to let go of my own expectations and trust in my natural ability to create a storyline.

And the million dollar question: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!

I'm doing this because I need to do this.

I've wasted valuable time constructing a ton of novels that have yet to see the light of day because they're "not good enough."

But quite frankly, what's really happening is that I've been declaring I'm not good enough.

So I'm doing this absurd challenge as a practice of faith.

In myself and in the grander divinity of life, I'm doing this to demonstrate faith in this new future I've so desperately wanted for myself, but have failed to allow myself to pursue.

Let this first novel be the start to something fantastically grand!



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