Ahoy there, future novelist!

I’m so excited that you’ve decided to embark on your own journey to write a novel. Whether it’s your first time or fiftieth, I hope my method of conquering your secluded, unique, potentially coffee-stained version of Noveldom helps you get your book done without a fuss in the next two months.

– T.N. Wilaro

STEP ONE: Read up on Noveldom

Before you venture too far into the stranded island of Noveldom, take a second to get a lay of the land with my helpful guides.

In them, you’ll learn the exact steps you’ll need to take to experience the least amount of resistance on your novel-writing journey + why the story of Noveldom’s creation + what your first steps should be as you embark on your own writing adventure!

STEP TWO: Check out the freebies

Hover over the RESOURCES tab in the top navigation to find a stockpile of resources available at your disposal. Check back in on the RESOURCES section often as it’s constantly being updated 🙂

STEP THREE: Join A Challenge

Might I recommend the First-Timer Challenge? Just fill out your information + get excited to finish your first novel in the next 60 days!

STEP FOUR: Join The Facebook Group

Where like-minded adventurers and I gab all day + night about what it takes to write your first novel + hone your craft + become a published author + then some!

Meet your fellow adventurists as we dish on what it’s like to really be a first-time novelist + what it takes to meet our wildest dreams.