CHALLENGE: Discover The Treasure Trove Of Stories Within You With The Story Mapper Challenge

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Personally, I have yet to struggle with finding myself in short supply of tangible story ideas.

However, I do know what it’s like to wonder if the idea I’ve come up with is the best I can create and that’s where the Story Mapper Challenge comes in handy. Coming up with alternatives will either remind you how good you idea is, or provide you with a better alternative. Either way, win-win!

Using the Story Seeker Venn Diagram, let loose your creative self and you’ll be certain to find a storyline worth writing!

For this challenge, use the Story Seeker Venn Diagram to come up with no less than TEN viable concepts for a novel. Click on the link above to go download the worksheet and get started.

Challenge yourself to accompany each concept with a 2-3 paragraph description and a working title (just for fun).

Share your results online with the hashtags: #noveldomchallenge and #noveldomstorymapper so the rest of the crew and I can cheer you on!

[Click on the image above to go to the Story Seeker Venn Diagram.]

What is your novel idea?

How did you do in the Story Mapper Challenge? Did you come up with ten gems or a few duds? Leave a comment below to let me know it went!

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