FREEBIE: Say Hello To Your Novel Godmother, The Outline Spreadsheet Genie

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If you’re curious whether or not your story concept has the clout to go the distance, now’s your chance to prove its worth.

When I wrote my first novel, I avoided outlining each chapter simply because I had ignorantly “decided” that I might fare better as a panster (read: person who writes by the seat of their pants) instead.

Little did I realize how incredibly helpful a chapter outline could be, much less how simple and fun it is to write one up!

Outlining doesn’t have to be an exhausting and tedious drawl. It can also be insightful and inspiring!

Download the Outline Genie Spreadsheet below to start filling out your chapters today.


Download the Excel workbook and customize it to fit your needs.

Edit each Arc # with your own custom titles to keep track of each story arc your novel explores. For example: in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (HPATSS), one of the story arc’s must have been the stone itself, yes?

Give each chapter a working title and then a short paragraph description of what is happening in the plot.

Be sure to include story arc background information in chapters where the arc is not live to remind yourself of important information to come. For example: in the first chapter of HPATSS, the stone is not relevant to the chapter plot; however, knowing where it is and what is happening in its neck of the woods helps keep J.K. Rowling on an accurate timeline for when the stone does inevitably pop up in later chapters.

Have you filled out your outline spreadsheet?

Did you find any gaps in your story arcs? Are there any missing pieces of information that could help round out your story?

I’ve learned that outlining my plot before I sit down + write any chapters helps me guarantee that I’ve included everything necessary for each chapter. Wouldn’t want to leave out any interesting goodies, now would we?

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