CHALLENGE: Get A Lay Of Your Noveldom Land With The Outliner’s Challenge

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Give your outline a nice warm hug. Now do it again five more times…

Welcome to The Outliners Challenge, where your objective is to redo your Excel outline FIVE TIMES to ensure that your storyline is as amped up as it can possibly be!

Don’t just copy old material. Really push yourself to come up with new, more outrageous, more exciting plot twists + story arcs + chapter titles that will not only make your story more interesting for your readers, but will make it more inspiring for you to write about as well.

[Click the image below to go to The Outline Genie Spreadsheet. Download at once to get underway!]


Share your results online with the hashtags: #noveldomchallenge + #noveldomoutlinerschallenge so the rest of the crew + I can cheer you on!

Which outline became your favorite concept?

It’s unlikely that the first outline you created is still your favorite one, but hey! It happens 🙂

Let me know which outline you’ve decided to go with in the comments below. I find that I typically prefer my third or fourth outline. They’re not too extreme or unbelievable (as my fifth often becomes) + they’re not so demure that they bore me to sleep (as my tentative first + second outlines tend to be).

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